Mango Mojito(マンゴーモヒート)は靴を愛するワット氏とオン氏の靴への思いにより、2011年設立されたクラシックシューズブランドです。タイではクラシックという個性的な魅力を持ち、色のこだわり等もあるリーズナブルな値段の靴ブランドが少なかったため、親友同士である二人はデザイン会社とパートナーを組み、マンゴーモヒートを2009年の半ばに設立し、タイのナイトバザールから販売を開始しました。

Terms and Conditions 取引条件

a. Shipment shall be made on the basis of FOB Thailand 
b. One delivery per lot only or depend on orders. 
c. All merchandise shall be shipped by airfreight unless otherwise special notice is served or DHL  Export service. 
d. Airway bill or Receipt of DHL export date shall be accepted as the conclusive evidence of the  date of shipment. 
e. The production and delivery terms are not absolute but per lot will used times around 3-4  weeks. Its services as a pure indication. 
a. 50% Deposit to be paid to company within 30 days after The Confirmation of the order. b. The remaining 50% to be paid after the orders dispatchment within a period of 15 days. c. The buyer to be responsible for bank fees including any correspondent banks. 
d. All confirmed ordered merchandises shall not be returned to the seller. 
e. Complaints as to quality of merchandises and as to merchandise production of the items must  be reported within 7 days after receipt of the item. After these days, Complaints can be refused.