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Why Granstra?

Encounters that Never Happened Before

Different industries, different venues,

various exhibitions are gathered at Granstra.

Here you will find encounters you have never had before.

Communicate Your Brand Effectively

We deliver the product's passion and brand's thoughts to the buyers.

We also offer designs that match your brand.

Exhibitions that Transcend Time and Distance

Anytime, Take Your Time

24 hours a day, You can take your time to enjoy the exhibitions.

24 hours a day, You can take your time to enjoy the exhibition.

From Anywhere to The World

You can promote your brand to the world from anywhere.

Never Miss Opportunities

Favorite brands and products can be registered on a checklist.

you don't miss out on encounters with products and brands by smooth connections and interactions.

Meet your new favorite brands.

Meet buyers who value your brand


Various Functions Support Exhibitions

Don't worry if you are a first-timer, a full range of functions will support you.

  • Sophisticated Designs

    The perfect design for your brand can create a world view.

  • Various Ways of Expression

    You can express your brand through text, images and videos.

  • Comprehensive Supports

    Granstra staff will provide full support for the creation of your page.

  • Simple, Easy-to-use Screens

    The intuitive operation allows you to create pages without stress.

  • Smooth Communications

    You can send data including catalogs and exchange messages.

  • Data Visualization

    Visitor data, such as number of visits and products of interest, can be tracked.


What Users Are Saying

  • ユーザの声 exhibitor 主催者 Yusuke Horiuchi

    Kurashiki City Cultural Industry Bureau

    Yusuke Horiuchi

    I am in charge of industrial promotion in Kurashiki, one of the leading textile production areas in Japan. During the Covid restrictions, we introduced Granstra as a new sales channel development support and DX promotion. Considering online staging also gave the business a chance to rethink its brand. Some operators have secured deals with overseas buyers, and we feel that continuing to communicate information through Granstra will be an effective means of regional development.
  • ユーザの声 exhibitor 主催者 Kazurari Ishizu

    Joint Exhibition MaG.

    Kazurari Ishizu

    We are holding an exhibition called MaG. based on the concept of "conveying our particular items and their value firmly to buyers." I found it very attractive that Granstra can convey not only product information but also our commitment and thoughts. I think that Granstra is an exhibition service for a new era. It also allows us to send information about exhibitions to buyers who are far away to vist exhibitions, and some buyers visit real exhibitions after seeing online exhibitions.
  • ユーザの声 brand ブランド Hiroshi Haruguchi

    Amu Co.,Ltd.

    Hiroshi Haruguchi

    Our company plans and manufactures women's clothing in Osaka. When we held an online exhibition, we immediately received five inquiries. I think the appeal of Granstra is that we can convey not only product information, but also our concept and world view. We were able to connect with buyers who sympathized with our brand, so we were able to start transactions smoothly. The support was also very attentive and made me feel comfortable registering. It is very helpful because I can send out messages to buyers in distant places that I cannot meet offline.
  • ユーザの声 brand ブランド Takashi Tsunoda

    YOKA (twelvetone inc.)

    Takashi Tsunoda

    I am managing a general outdoor brand "YOKA", and through Granstra, we have established new business with seven companies, mainly local select stores, and I was surprised that the response was more than we expected. Since I am a one-man operation, I feel that being able to communicate the appeal of a brand online is effective because I don't have a lot of man-hours to devote to it. Granstra is also very attractive because it allows buyers to view small brands without unbiased views. I think that online communication of brands will increase in the future, and I think it will become indispensable.
  • ユーザの声 buyer バイヤー Atsuo Oda

    New Oda Barber Shop/MIRROR

    Atsuo Oda

    I run a haircut store in Hiroshima and also operate a general merchandise boutique "MIRROR" next door. I came across Granstra when I was finding it difficult to take two weekdays to go to a real exhibition due to Covid. I was thrilled to meet and connect with companies from a variety of genres, including interior design, fashion, and food. So far, we have done business with nine brands through Granstra, and we have had the pleasure of being interviewed in the newspaper for our store's enhanced product line. I now check Granstra in my spare time.
  • ユーザの声 buyer バイヤー Daisuke Kikuta

    lemanside outdoor

    Daisuke Kikuta

    I am the manager of an outdoor store in Sendai City. I found Granstra when I was looking for suppliers for the opening of my store, and it was really helpful because Granstra had all the information I wanted to know about the brands, including their stories, and I could communicate with the exhibitors smoothly via messages. I have done business with 10 brands through Granstra, and I have had some unexpected encounters with exhibitors that I did not know about.

Meet your new favorite brands.

Meet buyers who value your brand


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